This is Peter Friestedt

With his melodic and versatile guitar playing, unique touch and trademark sound, Peter is a recognisable guitarist of the Melodic Rock scene. At age 24 Peter borrowed his friend’s car and drove across town from Hollywood to CHICAGO singer Bill Champlin’s house in Woodland Hills, and presented his cassette tape demo!!

I was fresh out of college and had just won the CAL STATE UNIVERSITY JAZZ COMPETITION, full of confidence, Bill just had a #1 hit with CHICAGO Peter says

Right away Peter started writing songs with Grammy Award winning songwriters Randy Goodrum and Bill Champlin! He also signed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappel Scandinavia!

Once every decade maybe, I Meet and work with someone like Peter who´s music pulls fresh lyrics and ideas out of my brain from  place no one else can get it, says Randy Goodrum

The first record called The LA Project (2002) was successfull and ended up beeing released internationally by SONY/BMG. The record was followed by LA Project II released in 2008.

Both albums sold well and featured an all star cast including Joseph Williams, Bill Champlin, Abraham Laboriel, John Robinson, The Yellowjackets and Michael Ruff and Peter on all guitars.

In 2009 Peter joined forces with Joseph Williams and they did a successful Scandinavian tour including national TV appearances. The following year Peter toured extensively with Bill Champlin and Joseph Williams.

2011 saw the release of the WILLIAMS FRIESTEDT album which was a Top 40 hit.

Working with Joseph Williams is always a treat, his skills in the studio are beyond words and it´s always a ball to work with him live and in the studio, says Peter.

In 2012 Champlin/Williams/Friestedt put together an ALL STAR BAND to do a sold out tour in Scandinavia. One of the concerts form The tour was released as a DVD. The ”Live In Concert” DVD made it all the way to the top of the Scandinavian chart.

The Champlin/Williams/Friestedt collaboration continued with a brand new studio recording called CWF released in 2015 by AOR Heaven (Europe) and Pony Canyon (Japan).

Peter Friestedt is a great  guitarist and producer from Sweden, says Champlin.

Peter’s guitar playing can be heard on over hundred records, including TOTO singer Fergie Fredriksen, David Foster and Billboard charting smooth jazz artist Jonathan Fritzén.


Peter is the first Scandinavian guitar player that is endorsed by SUHR guitars and he is also endorsed by Xotic Effect, Passkey Guitars and Elmwood Amps.

Peter talks about
  • Writing & Composing

    ``For me writing songs and lyrics is the foundation of working as a musician. The flow and the feeling when creating a song and see it grows and take form is for me one of the most exciting feelings.``

  • Performance

    ``Being on stage is incredibly stimulating and exciting. To interact with the audience and give them what they crave and at the same time surprise and reach over their expectations is a honor.``

  • Producing

    ``A good production is both focusing on every detail as well on the whole picture. Thinking outside the box and the sam time be true to yourself and your convictions is a pleasant struggle.``

  • Recording & Mastering

    ``Control is the key to good production of an album. The right equipment together with vast range of craftsmanship is very important in combination with a good advisor board to get constructive feedback.``

Key features
  • Timing

  • “The right chord at the right Place. Pocket is the main ingredience in all afroamerican music.”
  • Sound

  • “Choosing the right sounds and effects to deliver a warm, rich and powerful sound is very important to me.”
  • Heart

  • “Music is not only dots, chords and ink on a paper, it is a feeling and colourful picture that spells h-e-a-r-t, and the skill to make music that harmonise is a great challenge and a great feeling when its done.”
  • Balanced

  • “For me the best achievements and the best music is when there is harmony in both music and between the different musicians in the band. I always try to be in balance with my coworkers and band members to achieve the best results.”